Carlos Molina Will Stage Closed Doors Card in Mexico on May 23

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Former world champion Carlos' King 'Molina plans to stage a boxing event behind closed doors in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, western Mexico, on May 23, according to ESPN Deportes.

Molina is taking care of every detail regarding the participants' safety and health issues.

Molina, 36 years old, with a record of 31-11-2 and 10 knockouts, would go in the main event against Michel 'Matador' Muñoz, in an agreed upon ten round clash at the welterweight limit, and in the semifinal battle, Eric Walker would face Gustavo 'Vitaminas' Garibay over ten rounds.

Shady Gamhour and Rashid Akzhigitov would also be a part of the card, against separate opponents over eight rounds.

“The function will be in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, where the authorities have given me their support as long as all the participants' health and safety details are taken care of. We will test fighters and trainers to detect the coronavirus, and the event will not take place before the public. The plan is, that at the time of the event there are no more than 20 people in the place among boxers, trainers, doctors and judges," explained Molina.

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Molina said that there will only be four fights and they will all be televised, and the intention, in addition to having work and providing entertainment to people.

"I am aware of the coronavirus problem, this is real, but we also have to go on with life, we have to find a job and my job is boxing, as a boxer and promoter. I explained the plan to the authorities in Pátzcuaro and I think it is very feasible. As a boxer I always dreamed of being a champion and I did it, now as a promoter I want to make my mark and at the same time give the fighters a job," said Molina.

The champion at super welterweight under the International Boxing Federation in 2013 and 2014, Molina will give more details in the coming days about the infrastructure on which the event will take place.

“I think boxing behind closed doors is a good option, at least for now, as long as conditions allow and under strict control of sanitation and supervision of the participants, and that's what was requested by the municipal president of Pátzcuaro, Víctor Báez," Molina concluded.