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Mexico enters into diplomatic conflict with Canada and the European Union.

Copyright y los derechos de autor. página original Rocio Nahle forced the resignation of Cesar Hernandez, head of the National Regulatory Improvement Commission. She is looking to put the brakes on wind and solar power generation plants. The López Obrador administration does not want to have competition so as not to affect CFE’s income. Read More…

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Private producers sidelined; government increases control of electricity market

The Mexican government has fast-tracked its efforts to put restrictions on private energy producers in an apparent bid to take back control of the electricity market. The move gives the government control over who can generate electricity, where they can operate and how much they can produce. The Ministry of Energy, Sener, published the new Read More…

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New Mexico’s healthcare industry asking recovered COVID-19 patients to donate plasma to treat others

  ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Agencies across New Mexico are partnering up, trying a new method to treat COVID-19 patients. The community effort may even give scientists more insight into the virus. “When you think of healthcare, and there’s multiple systems in the state and in the country, competing at different levels, this is one Read More…