Fighters and the CDMX subway invite the «We put on the mask» campaign

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Given the increase in cases of Coronavirus in CDMX, the Metro Collective Transportation System, its largest transportation system, implemented the mandatory use of mouth masks since Friday, April 17. On April 20, a new campaign started called "We put on the mask".

Fighters and the CDMX subway invite the campaign "We put on the mask" 2

In this campaign, it invites citizens to show solidarity with those people who, due to labor need, are forced to move to their workplaces using this collective transport system, with the donation of homemade mouthguards.

"We put on the mask" was announced through a statement that was spread on their social networks; in addition to spots made by the fighters Tinieblas Jr., Son of the Sacred Mask, Son of Atlantis, Atlantis, Hurricane Ramírez and Alushe, as promotional images of said campaign, where they remind us of the general instructions for protection and health. There's even a tutorial from Captain Adventure's heir where instructions are given to make mouth masks at home.

It should be noted that on the day the mandatory provision of the use of mouthguards in the Capítalino metro was put into operation, one million of these protective implements were delivered to the accesses of the terminals with the greatest influx, but they were simple and disposable mouthguards, due to making it very difficult for the transportation system to deliver mouthguards every day. Hence, he summons the citizens to support, inviting them to make homemade face masks and donate them.

Again, lMexican wrestling supports social causes, this time as a way to stand up to this terrible Pandemic that is attacking us, so if you can, join the "We put on the mask" campaign.